Target Groups

Local public authority

Local public authorities have great impact on the promotion of climate-smart entrepreneurship and their engagement with the CSA approach would have successful long-term effect over stakeholders’ interest.

Interest groups, including NGOs

NGO and Interest groups influence public opinion and public policy regarding sustainable development therefore are one of the main target group of AGREEN. The added value of these organizations is really high because mainly the cooperation between NGOs and experts in this field is beneficial to the stakeholder network.

Higher education and research

This target group possess the expertise to create tools and innovations for modernizing the agricultural sector especially through their applied research. Moreover, the culture of future professionals and entrepreneurs who manage the agricultural and related sectors is deeply rooted in this stakeholder and their enormous impact over the knowledge in CSA field.

Business support organizations

Business branch organisations in agriculture mainly represent the small farms and enterprises. The AGREEN project considers the scope of business support organizations as developing business development organizations.

General public

Agriculture and food are universal grounds that presupposes the engagement of many people who do not belong to a specific target group. They can be qualitied as representatives of the general public. All people with a conventional profile who are interested in the issue of climate-change and food security count here.

Small and Medium Size Enterprices

Small farmers are important of the local development of the agricultural regions, for sustainability of the communities and for the sustainability of the food chains. Sustainable and climate-smart agriculture depend on the sustainability culture of the farmers and on the way they manage the farms.