Greece Anatoliki S.A.

Development Agency of Eastern Thessaloniki Local Authorities (Anatoliki S.A.)

Anatoliki s.a. acts as a Center for the Development of Human Resource and the Strengthening of the Local Economy in the wider area of Thessaloniki. The Local Authorities of the peripheral units of Thessaloniki and Halkidiki comprising the shareholders of Anatoliki s.a. have decided to implement a strategy aiming to transform the region into a green zone, with respect to other similar international initiatives. Anatoliki s.a. is the tool for a more rapid and comprehensive approach towards this goal. The basic operating strategy is to acquire knowledge and expertise through participation in EU-funded projects and to function as a multiplier of those in the national, regional and local context. Anatoliki s.a. has extensive experience in Environmental, Local Development and Energy as it has implemented relevant projects in these fields.



1-St km Thermi-Triadi, 57001, Thessaloniki, Greece

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