The local Multipliers Networking Event in Armenia was held online on 19th of December 2022

“Entrepreneurship for Climate Smart Agriculture in the Black Sea Basin» course was presented to the Armenian stakeholders during the Multipliers Networking Event that took place on December 19th, 2022. The main purpose of the gathering to widen the AGREEN Network with the fasilitation of young multipliers and to present the training program and educational materials developed for the course.

The event was organized online and about 50 representatives from different target groups were attending the workshop: government bodies, NGOs, higher education and research  institutions, business support organizations, SMEs and wide public representatives.

In November 2022, the Dobrudja Agrarian and Business School (DABS) as a lead partner in the AGREEN project hosted an International Training Session to prepare young multipliers from 6 cooperating countries to promote and support the AGREEN Training course delivery. Following this, the Armenian  multipliers who participated through online video conferencing in the training and were taught how to organize the course in their country and to spread the word in their local communities, were engage in the preparation and conduction of the local Multipliers Networking Event. Thus, we came to the event held on December 19th when we presented the 6 training modules from the course to the Armenian audience.

During the event, questions were regularly asked not only to the speeches of the multipliers but also to the existing thematic problems and challenges, one of which referred to increasing the role of logistics centers in Armenia, importance and compliance with European practices in order to make product sales easier and smoother for producers through logistics centers. Finally, participants were provided online evaluation forms to express their opinion about the workshop.

You can find the presentations (Internet-Platform; Module 1; Module 2; Module 3; Module 4; Module 5; Module 6) delivered translated in Armenian attached below.

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