Event dedicated to the Final Dissemination Conference “Cross-Border Alliance for Green and Climate-Smart Agriculture in the Black Sea Basin”/AGREEN

On Thursday, May 4, 2023, the “Ovidius” University of Constanta is pleased to host in Hall P23 Campus, building B, Ground Floor, one of the key events within the project “Cross-Border Alliance for Green and Climate-Smart Agriculture in the Black Sea Basin /AGREEN/, respectively the event dedicated to the final project results’ dissemination conference.

At the event, together with the project team and representatives of the OUC and the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Agricultural Sciences, representatives of professional associations in the agricultural field, representatives of local administrations, farmers, students, master’s students, as well as other people announced their participation interested.

The project “Cross-Border Alliance for Green and Climate-Smart Agriculture in the Black Sea Basin”/AGREEN/ succeeded in building network capacities for the exchange of knowledge and good practices, as well as for transnational knowledge transfer, to intensify the efforts of establishing a climate-smart agriculture in the future.

The AGREEN project promotes the concept of climate-smart agriculture as an approach that helps guide actions needed to transform and reorient agricultural systems to effectively support development and ensure food security in a changing climate.

During the event, the achievements of the project will be presented to the communities of interested parties, the mapping of the main activities within the project, as well as possibilities for continuation and capitalization of the results of the AGREEN project. The conference also includes a brainstorming event, where guests will present best practice ideas in climate-smart agriculture.

The participants will have free access to the website and the online platform of the project and they can be offered, upon request, the materials of the Training Course “Entrepreneurship for Climate Smart Agriculture in the Black Sea Basin”, which is available in the form of a published Handbook on the project website (www.agreen-project.eu), as well as presented in the form of open educational resources and integrated into the AGREEN Internet Platform, including in Romanian language.

The conference is the final event under the AGREEN project aimed at disseminating the results achieved by the AGREEN consortium’s in effort to support and promote the climate-smart agriculture in the Black Sea Basin countries.

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