Local Multiplier Networking Event “Entrepreneurship for Climate-smart Agriculture in the Black Sea Basin” will be conducted in Tekirdag – Turkiye

On December 29th, 2022, a Multiplier Networking Event to be held at Des Hotel – Tekirdağ, Turkey, within the framework of the project “Cross-border alliance for climate-oriented smart and green agriculture in the Black Sea basin” (AGREEN) project.

The event is aimed at training, motivating and liaising young farmers to engage in climate-smart agriculture (CSA), as well as at widening the AGREEN network of organzations and persons engaged and interested in CSA. The agenda is oriented towards presenting the AGREEN Training course “Entrepreneurship for CSA in BSB” and platform and will overview the key training units (modules) of the course.

The participants will be introduced to the AGREEN project and Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) concept and approach. Further,  the multipliers (who were involved in the International training session, held in Bulgaria in November 2022), supported by the project team and COP coordinator, will present to their colleagues the different parts of the course. The participants will learn about: Climate-resilient agro-food value chains; Managing sustainable farms; Financing CSA activities; Marketing for sustainable agricultural produce and International trade and cooperation in CSA in the BSB. The event will also be a great opportunity to meet likeminded people interested in Climate-smart agriculture and share ideas and practices.

The working language of the event will be Turkish.

If you wish to take part in the Multiplier Networking Event be sure to fill out the registration form  and take a look in the agenda attached below.

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