The 2nd Field Trip to Bulgaria was Implemented in September 2022

From the 12th to 13th of September 2022 the AGREEN project partners gathered in Dobrich for the second field trip in Bulgaria. Since the triticale experimental plot was already harvested in the time of the visit the Bulgarian partner DABS prepared a program connected to the traditional Bulgarian agro-production and connected to the triticale plants.

The first day began with presentations of the crop models developed by Bulgaria, Turkey and Georgia. After the presentations a visit of “Rogovi” farm was organized where the participants observed a closed production cycle (fodder production, cattle breeding, diary product production, marketing and selling).

On the second day of the field trip a visit to ETNO Stone Mill was organized. There the participants were presented the cycle of flour production using an automated milling stone and then were given a chance to use the produced flour to make different types of Bulgarian bread and of course taste it in a traditional setting.

After the visit of the mill the partners returned to Dobrich to hold a discussion on their observations during the field trip. After the discussions they gathered for dinner where they were presented with a few different types of bread made as experiments using flour made from the triticale harvested from the experimental fields. That way the second field trip to Bulgaria ended with an amazing example of the use and potential of triticale.

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