In 2011, recycling of organic industrial resources became feasible in Armenia thanks to “ORWACO” CJSC, an Armenian-Norwegian joint venture. By processing these organic industrial resources/waste, various organic biogenic fertilizers and soil enhancers are obtained. The main formula of smart agriculture of “ORWACO” company is the red Californian worms, through which the pure biohumus (vermicompost) obtained from the recycling of organic waste is the basis of those organic biogenic fertilizers, which are used to cultivate organic and green farms.
Adhering to the principles of smart and clean agriculture, the company additionally offers its farmers consolation of agronomist, greening, hydroseeding (restoration of lands disturbed by subsoil use) and creation of a green corner (green roof).
The mission of “ORWACO” company is to produce biogenic fertilizers, thanks to which they will be able to provide a healthy natural environment rich in nutrients and microorganisms for the growth and development of plants. As a result, there will be healthy plants, which is the guarantee of high yield. The company’s vision is to become an organic fertilizer manufacturer, the production of which will be based on worldwide standards and will increase soil fertility and crop yields.
All the products of “ORWACO” have organic certification and are allowed to be used in organic farming.

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