The peculiarities of Ms. Natalya’s flowers

Cultivation of flowers is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle.

Ms. Natalya Vardanyan lives and is engaged in agriculture in Ghukasavan village, Ararat region. The agriculture has been in her life since childhood. Her parents were engaged in agriculture, cultivating various kinds of vegetables and fruit trees. This was the reason why together with her husband and three sons she built a 500sq․m․ greenhouse to cultivate colorful and various flowers. Flowers grow here with the greatest love…

In the 1990s, when the cultivation of carnations was widespread in Armenia and Artsakh, carnations and carnation seedlings grown in Ms. Natalya’s greenhouse had a great demand. Since the 2000s, the greenhouse has been enriched with a variety of roses and rose cultivation became their main direction.

Flower cultivation and sale experience ofer the years helped Ms. Natalia to enter not only local, but also Georgian and Russian markets. Success did not take long. Now her family cultivates also Alstroemeria perennial flowers and export them outside Armenia. The Russian-Ukrainian war has influenced the export dramatically and now the consumption is carried out in the local flower markets.

Ms. Natalya sees her success in her own formula of smart agriculture: she weaves cages with strong threads for all the flowers so that the flowers do not break during the growth. In the greenhouse they provide the necessary moisture and temperature (+16 degrees) for the plant. During the cultivation the experienced farmer constantly inspects the basic or acidic environment of the soil and carries out proper nutrition.

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