The Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences of the Ovidius University from Constanța invites you to participate in the Conference “Earth – Our Daily Planet”, organized within the project AGREEN – Coss-border Alliance for Climate – Smart and Green Agriculture in the Black Sea Basin.

The conference will take place on Wednesday, April 13, 2022, starting at 12, in Constanța, at the UOC headquarters in University Alley no. 1, Building B, room P23. For those who wish to watch the activities of this conference online, we offer the opportunity to access the platform https://ovidius.webex.com/meet/irina.moise.

The main objective of the meeting is to create Communities of environmentally healthy farming practices. It refers to connecting a group of people who share a concern or a passion for what they do and learn how to do it as best they can, as they interact regularly. Will be approached subjects and discussion topics concerning the soil protection, conservation of its properties, connection between soil – plant – water – air, healthy agricultural technologies, folk customs and traditions related to nature protection, the land as an object of study and as a subject reflected in folk traditions and religious beliefs, anthropogenic activities and directions of society development in accordance with nature.

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