AGREEN at work, in ROMANIA

After the event hold at Ovidius University of Constanta in 23 of March 2022, AGREEN is echoing and attracting beneficiaries attention.
One association sent the AGREEN  Partner Ovidius University their opinion regarding the aims of this project.
BIOTOP DOBROGEA is a promoter of organic farming, whose main objective is free support for those who envisage a future in this sector.
We present here their message, which encourages AGREEN team to further go on with the good work.
Dear collaborators,
The Agreen program molds over the vision of the Bio Top Cooperative Dobrogea.
The coagulation of the agricultural guild, the pro bono dissemination of the commercial offers negotiated for us, to all those enrolled in the regional economic pole, the sharing of personal experiences, all represent common points assumed by Agreen, as well as by Bio Top Dobrogea.
Today we join AGREEN target group with 54 farmers and approx. 12,500 hectares. Meanwhile, our partnership with other peer institutions involves sharing our knowledge with a lot of other fellow farmers.
Having the same vision under the umbrella of different organizations implies the existence of the social requirement of civil society to align with these standards, which – in the end – are related to the organizational maturity reached by all of us today.
We wish you success and we are convinced that the addition of our efforts to your approach will have as a conclusion the minimization of the energies consumed by each of us, in the immediate future.
With appreciation,
Radu Mihailov
chairman of BIOTOP DOBROGEAj

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