The International Bussiness Conference for presenting the regional branding strategy took place on 29th of July 2021 in Yerevan, Armenia

The International Business Conference on regional branding for climate-smart agriculture in the BSB was held on 29 July 2021 in Yerevan, Armenia and was hosted by the Armenian partner – ICARE Foundation.

The aim of the conference was to unite the representatives of the six project partners’ countries and present the findings from the research made under the first group of activities and the proposed by the project consortium blueprint for branding strategy for CSA products originating from the BSB.
The event was organized in a hybrid mode where representatives of some project partners attended in person and others were involved online while the speakers jointly delivered the presentations and participated in the discussion panels. In addition, local participants were invited to attend the event in person and also online audience was engaged through the Internet online broadcast.
The working language of the conference was English but simultaneous translation was provided to Armenian for the local participants. The event was streamed live on the project’s Facebook page and recordings from the conference are available online in both the languages: English and Armenian.
Special efforts were invested into the wide promotion of the event resulting in the participation of representatives of different interest groups, farmers, experts, public authorities, etc. More than 100 persons (both offline and online) participated in the event.
The proceeding from the conference comprising of conference’s agenda, presentation of the speakers, a synopsis of the presentations made and the main conclusions from the discussion panels are available here.

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