Turkey T-NKU

Tekirdag Namık Kemal University (T-NKU)

As a public university founded in 2006, Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in a wide variety of programs including agriculture, engineering, medicine and health sciences, economics and social sciences, foreign languages and literature, theology, sport education and fine arts. Currently, it hosts about 36.150 students with 2100 academic and administrative staff in service. The university comprises 10 faculties; 3 undergraduate, 11 vocational and 3 graduate schools, a music academy and 11 research centers. Internationally, the university takes part in Erasmus+ mobility activities regarding agreements with 116 institutions from 26 countries. Since its foundation, 16 EU-funded projects as a core of 858 research projects have been co-financed by the university. Being located on a commercially and agriculturally crossroad-zone on the northern coasts of the Marmara Sea, T-NKU offers joint research, university-industry cooperation and international study opportunities.



Kampüs Caddesi, No:1,59030, Süleymanpaşa / Tekirdağ / TURKEY



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