AGREEN is developing a specialized training course for the young entrepreneurs who are engaged in the Climate-smart Agriculture in the Black Sea Basin

The Training course “Entrepreneurship for Climate-smart Agriculture in the Black Sea Basin” under the AGEEN project is under development. On the 17th of March 2022 an online workshop was organized with the participation of the appointed experts for the development of the course on behalf of the project partners. One of the main tasks of the developers was to finalize the syllabus that will lay down at the base of the course in line with the specifics and requirements of the national legislations in the partnering countries. The aim of the consortium will be to find the right format and structure of the course so it is recognizable across the educational and training systems in all partner countries.

During the workshop the partners agreed on the types of training materials as well as different modes of delivery, distribution of the learning hours across the modules and opportunities for further provision of the course were discussed. As of now the researchers have established the key modules to be developed within the course and they are as follows:

  • Climate-smart Agriculture concept and approach in the Black Sea Basin
  • Climate-resilient agro-food value chains
  • Managing sustainable farms
  • Financing Climate-smart Agriculture activities
  • Marketing for sustainable agricultural produce
  • International trade and cooperation

The total duration of the course will be 30 hours and the training materials will be developed and accessible on the AGREEN Internet platform in the following months. Keep following us for news!

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