We are starting the second work package for the development and testing of climate-smart crop models under the project

6 Climate-smart crop models, adapted to the environmental, social and economic conditions in the Black Sea Basin (BSB) region are under development within the AGREEN project research tasks and our experts gathered on 10th of November to discuss the progress of the collaborative work. The models are expected to be ready in a couple of weeks and then field work will begin. 🌱

The selected plant types (among which are walnuts, sunflower, and some non-traditional varieties of wheat and triticale) will be tested on 3 experimental plots in Bulgaria, Georgia and Turkey. The results and conclusions will be shared with you next year, when we will have our first harvest and we will be able to evaluate the benefits from the climate-smart approach in the BSB region farming.

So, follow us to see how the crops will grow 🌿

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